Slick VPN Review – Scam or not? | VPN Comparison Chart 2020

You can get the monthly package for $10 per month.

Graphically, the website is pleasing and looks very well done. ” We won’t be doing that, but the good outweighs the bad with SlickVPN so don’t worry. Furthermore, if you want to get your hands on some awesome discounts and save money, we have some amazing deals on VPN for you. Many services store information like your IP address, home address, name, and more. These include PPTP, IPsec, and OpenVPN protocols. Our speed tests gave back mixed results. (SlickVPN review readers should know that the company recommends OpenVPN protocol.) SlickVPN’s 256-bit encryption adds an impenetrable layer of security around your internet connection.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into this review and test of SlickVPN!

I let ExpressVPN choose the best server in Australia, and it had the second-slowest ping on this test at 389ms. SlickVPN has some slick prices and there’s even a warrant canary on their website. This is very disappointing, and it will definitely translate in our conclusion of this SlickVPN review.

Browser compatibility – Slick VPN supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera. Domains, if you’re unsure of any of the options, here:. So having a great official website is essential for any VPN service provider that is looking to survive more than a year in this cut-throat industry. We only collect the necessary and limited information for our customer information file in order to provide and maintain billing for our services. Until recently, SlickVPN did this job well.

To sum up, the strengths and weaknesses of SlickVPN: They also offer a core package price which includes 11 of their 46 countries for only $8. SlickVPN is an average VPN provider. They have circumvented Netflix bans so far, which is another plus. In addition to the email service, clients may navigate through the knowledgebase on the site of Slick VPN. SlickVPN does not provide a proprietary application for mobile devices but on their support page they have detailed how-tos for connecting mobile devices to their service. It would take a considerable governmental effort to do so, though.

Review by Dodsworth Gummerus 3 years ago The sign up process was simple and easy.

Privacy Protection

Advanced privacy settings (dangerous!) Intuitive website, clear descriptions and easy to navigate. SlickVPN isn't a bad service, but our connection problems were a concern, there's a distinct shortage of features, and the company doesn't appear to have the resources to address this any time soon.

SlickVPN has over 150 servers in over 40 countries. We’ll try to give them the benefit of the doubt. We appreciate these efforts at improved security and transparency, though it's worth noting that not all audits are created equal.

  • SlickVPN claims to be a US-based service with over 150 servers globally.
  • It also uses the AES cipher.
  • What is that downside?
  • On the surface, it seems pretty promising.
  • With 151 servers across 46 countries, they have really stepped on the pedal.


We only hope that SlickVPN continues to offer this feature in order to maintain the high standards of privacy and anonymity that it has held so far. Customizing your experience is very important when it comes to a VPN connection, due in large to the particular needs of each individual customer. You can pay using US dollars, British pounds, or European euros. It also provides a built-in way for its government to spy on its citizens and share the results across the world. This way, the sites you visit (and even the ISP you’re on) can’t tell exactly where your original point started. In short, look elsewhere! It has much the same features as their Windows client.

In a rare move for a VPN, it offers unlimited simultaneous connections. Description, log into your VPN account and connect to a server That is all. Speed & Stability tests: Sadly, that’s a shame. Now that we have established some of the features in this review, we will discuss speeds.

Although there are numerous restrictions over the use of VPN in China, it is one area this VPN can look into. SlickVPN has lots of features for a VPN service provider, although we wouldn’t call any of those features as advanced features. Check for leaks, expressVPN does just about everything well and it does so reliably. SlickVPN is completely flexible.

Payment Method

This can be used along with the protocol to simulate HTTPS traffic by selecting the TCP protocol and port 443. The process is simple and here’s how to use OpenVPN protocol on this VPN: It makes it possible to compensate for a drop in speed when peak hours. Concerns in Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy: PPTP uses MPEE 128-bit encryption and L2TP/IPSec uses 128-bit encryption as well.

And the other is bad news. However, mobile devices work better with IPSec, therefore in the cases of iOS machines and Android, it should be chosen over OpenVPN. I appreciate how the app gives you a quick look at the connection logs, but it’s not the most self-explanatory VPN client I’ve seen. It also can potentially identify you to another party (read: )

Well, they make use of several Offshore Holding Companies along with Operating Companies and Subsidiary Holding Companies to do their work.

SlickVPN Specs & Offers

All your data is automatically removed from their records shortly after you stop being a paid customer. The AES 256-bit encryption would have alone made SlickVPN a secure VPN service but the whole setup makes it one of the most secure VPN service provider in the market today. Moreover, the company uses the dedicated secure server for the transactions to ensure that all transactions are smooth and secure. 5 out of 10 Visit Site Summary SlickVPN offer a great all-round package, with plenty of server locations, a powerful client, and high security. You should be happy with the speed of their network for most applications based on our testing. In the monthly package, you have to pay SlickVPN $10 per month. This number is rather good but not as big as large VPN providers have. While reviewing SlickVPN, we found out that the provider authorize up to 5 simultaneous connections.

You will enjoy the quality performance and the best possible protection from hackers and censoring software so you can enjoy your internet life to the fullest and get full access to any and all content that the internet has to offer.

SlickVPN Pros

On its way, the IP addresses change with the IP addresses of the landing VPN server which ensures that the destination server doesn’t know about the source of the traffic. They keep your user authentication and billing information on an independent platform for top-notch security. This is evident from the overall wonderful features that it offers: Zero log policy. For increased anonymity, use Tor for desktop (though recognize that doing so may actually put you at greater risk), and Onion Browser for mobile. TCP and UDP connections are offered by the service, and users can choose the one they need. The VPN provides fast network speeds for uploads and downloads as well as a secure and stable connection.

For example they claim that HYDRA, a feature similar to how Tor works (multiple hops, random access through them) offers the most secure connection possible using extra hops on their internal network. Purevpn gets ‘no-logs certified’, sharing options are always helpful when it comes to set up a VPN connection for a device in which VPN client is not supported. In compliance with local laws and under certain circumstances, we may disclose personal information of you to third parties. It also allows its users to download torrents and bypass Netflix's geo-restrictions. I’ve checked its location. So let’s review what this VPN has on offer.

So even if it is mandated by the US government, it cannot give away much of your information. Thankfully, SlickVPN is not logging anything you do so it would be hard for the government to prove anything anyway. Check the IP address assigned by the client – This will open a browser window to check your current IP address location assigned by the client. SlickVPN supports multiple VPN protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. In case your set-up is likely to cause any DNS leak, the client displays a warning and also gives you instructions on how to fix the problem. Features and Pricing Summary: And even worse, all the important links such as that of the blog, Accounts, Contact info are present on that same bar. This functionality is wrapped up in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that's recently undergone a slick revamp.

Server Locations

You can see how NordVPN compares in the chart below with the top performers among the over 40 services we tested. We will discuss the new features momentarily, but first, we will look at pricing. Hello and welcome to my review of SLICK VPN! It’s worth noting that the password you’re sent isn’t obfuscated in any way, so you may wish to change it after registering. Also read: 5 best chrome extensions for productivity, surf the web anonymously. Of course, if you don’t care where in the United States the SlickVPN client connects you to as long as you can watch US Netflix, then too, this setting would help you.

Slick VPN & Customer Support

As far as the features are concerned, Slick VPN has done an impressive work! Fluctuating speeds across different servers is not ideal, and sometimes, we also faced connection terminations, as reported by many customers. If you are not in North America or Europe, you will likely be very far from the location of the server. The company also states, “SlickVPN does not sell or rent any personal information of our subscribers to others. The navigation bar of the official website is not prominent enough. And then you have to wait for the company to contact you afterward. Once you’ve sent a ticket, though, you won’t have to wait too long for a response.

No matter what their website claims, every single VPN on the planet logs something. It is a bit like your video game library. Unfortunately, I am not peddling some Illuminati conspiracy theory here. About the author, my friend was culpable and not wanting to risk a court appearance as well as a large fine, settled with his ISP and the copyright holder. You had to manually scan their server list, choose the gateway you wished to connect to, then manually create the connection by entering the info in Network Manager. Is it the cheapest VPN we’ve ever seen? You can also connect devices which are not directly supported by the VPN, such as home media systems and the like. If it can provide a top of the line service with plenty of benefits, it would be well worth this price.

Protect your privacy online and access media content with no regional restrictions. Similarly to other VPN services, longer term plans result in greater discounts with the year plan providing the greatest discount. The browsing speed test results were average, fair, nothing out of the ordinary, and definitely NOT the fastest in the world, as SlickVPN claims: If you wish to further pimp your VPN experience with the advanced settings that SlickVPN has up its sleeves, we recommend contacting customer service first. Next to these, you can set a number of preferences that will improve your overall experience.

Slick VPN Features

Offering well-known and popular proxies and encryptions, you would think that SlickVPN is one of the better options when it comes to choosing the protection you want. They also offer an excellent selection for routers. But the app crashed on our first run through. The company offers some of the most affordable packages with some great privacy features. Probably because they want customers to sign up as quickly as possible before they change their mind and sign up for one of their competitors. This means that connections are not the quickest, but they are still acceptable. Slick VPN offers multiple static and shared IPs for the users’ disposal. The only details you will need for setting up a new account include your first and last name, email address and password.

And unfortunately, that wasn’t the only speed bump we ran into. This means that you can access websites that are restricted in your area without getting caught and you can blog and share to your heart’s content without putting yourself at risk to tracing. SlickVPN’s customer support was pretty good. Compared to other VPN service providers, SlickVPN is cheap in its pricing. I am all ready looking to sign up again in six months!

Premium VPN providers like the ones on our list of best VPNs for Netflix simply have an inventory of working servers to make it easy for users. Like many other providers in the industry, Slick VPN offers three pricing packages: SlickVPN is perfect for users who love torrenting and P2P sharing, both of which are excellent here. Slick was launched in 2020 in the US, making it one of the more established players in the market. SlickVPN client feels very powerful and smooth at the same time, with a very rich portfolio of features.

Honest, Objective Reviews

However, in this case, we could hardly find any flaws. You are allowed up to 5 simultaneous connections, which means you can keep 5 of your devices perfectly safe while connected to the Internet. The company accepts credit cards, various anonymous cryptocurrencies, and PayPal, as well as other online payment methods. They offer a large variety of server locations (145 gateways in 45 countries) and give you the possibility to have 5 devices connected at the same time.

I am pleased to see the lengthy refund period, as it provides sufficient time to test the service. CyberGhost VPN is a great provider for Netflix, torrent, Kodi and more. Let’s move on to the next section.

In this regard, SlickVPN puts some effort into assuring customers that they’re safe by sharing information on the latest government requests. SlickVPN does not have a free trial; however, they do offer a 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days. You also get an IP checker. In the image below, you can see these prices, plus the core and the block plans.


So if you are sold on SlickVPN, you should take them up on the semi-annual plan that drops the price down to $5/month, or the annual one that drops it even further to $4/month. Although the SlickVPN website advertises L2TP and PPTP support, you can only use these if you set them up manually, or try a different client. Since this second VPN hop is random, it makes it virtually impossible to track your traffic when leaving their VPN servers.

And if it gets hit with a federal gag order, then too it can inform its user base. SlickVPN uses this email address to register and give you your new account. SlickVPN clients use the OpenVPN protocol with AES 256-bit CBC cipher which will provide you with some of the best encryption protection available.


Our research shows that SlickVPN client took care of everything well enough. The connection speed on mobile was decent, averaging between 10 and 30 Mbps in our speed tests, connecting to some of the locations near-by. A separate section is available with all the information necessary to setup and install SlickVPN client software across multiple OS platforms such as Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc. These options are listed on the general tab, and under the networking tab, as noted by the green arrow.

The company doesn’t offer the live chat feature which is kind of disappointing.

Overall, the service offers everything you would want from a VPN. They offer you to bypass the restrictions set in place by schools and universities, and by extension, the workplace. This was apparently the only way to perform this configuration, UNTIL you navigate to the server list, where config files were finally available to download on a one-at-a-time basis. After choosing a pricing plan and payment method you’re asked to enter an email address for the account to be registered to and a password to use to log in – and, provided you pay with BitCoin or PayPal, that’s it. Review by Budandpop 3 years ago Everything you would expect. Starting with a monthly subscription price of $10, SlickVPN’s pricing falls on the more expensive side of VPNs. On desktop operating systems, OpenVPN is the default setup.

This means you could connect on, say, your home PC and tablet as well as on your mobile phone’s data network at the same time if you need to. Rerouting DNS information in this way could help you get past censorship walls and keep your telecom company out of your business. 43 mbps Average 16 ms 93. You can either launch the app and hit a giant, round button to connect or use the icon it places in Windows 10's system tray. They sadly lack this feature. Mobile compatibility – Slick supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. So what about your information?

SlickVPN as a Business

Providing you are using different protocols, you can have up to 5 devices using the same account at the same time. Under the advanced tab, you may enter additional OpenVPN parameters, but we would not advise even going to the tab, unless you have knowledge on how to set them. If you follow these simple guidelines then you will be able to easily geo-locate to anywhere in the world using the SlickVPN client. Well not for the people in these countries.

As expected, our research told us that if you want to experience the best speed possible then connect to VPN servers located in the US.

Review by Nefe Kourmadas 3 years ago All I have to say is Great Job. 23 mbps Trial 2 16 ms 94. Review by Altino 3 years ago Competitivr pricing, solid product, reliable, fast! They also challenge users that if they fail to find a Netflix server, you get your money back. Until we find out more about its average download speed, server capacity, and connection stability, we can’t take such statements lightly. While we do appreciate the thorough explanation on why speed can vary depending on different circumstances, SlickVPN neglects to address the real question here—what is the average speed of its VPN connection? The first issue we see is concentration.

From an overall perspective, SlickVPN offers many server locations and has a really robust VPN client.

The company offers three plans. If it desired, it could examine every bit of information passing through its system. You can found all of these in the preferences tab. You can change servers by clicking a location on the map, or with the search bar at the top of the screen if your geography skills are lacking. With that in mind, we give SlickVPN a 5/10 hoping that they will improve their service and take care of the major issues at least. We’ll start with the list view.

Having crashing software, poor customer support and average speed will definitely not help them climb the ladder in the industry.