7 Best VPNs for Windows of 2020

All the VPNs on this list consistently met the speed requirements to download torrents and stream in high-definition during our tests.

The company also offers 24/7 ticket-based support. It has 36 server locations around the world and simply amp up user’s security and privacy. So how else do we make the concept clearer? Its monthly fee for unlimited bandwidth is a middle-of-the-road $12. Most of us are familiar with the concept of a LAN, a local area network. Just look at the critiques of notable computer security experts and online pundits to understand the challenge. In contrast, Windscribe sticks to monthly and annual plans. ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

  • It has a big-time speed problem.
  • That's purely out of necessity, since most of our readers use Windows (although this writer is currently using a MacBook Air).
  • This means that your internet traffic is being hidden completely from other third parties and you will remain completely anonymous.
  • ExpressVPN is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption, and all users get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and speed for lag-free online gaming.
  • P2P is not our main focus here, but we will note in each review whether a particular provider allows file sharing or not.

Below I’m streaming American Netflix from my location in Europe, using an ExpressVPN server in Washington DC: Performance is solid enough, although we found that some longer distance trips to more remote servers (i. Platforms, pIA also offers enterprise solutions where their tunneling service can be scaled up on demand for large organizations. )Fortunately, responsible IT administrators can patch their systems to fix the bug.

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  • The service works on all operating systems and devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.
  • Use common sense and be sure to verify that websites are what they say they are by looking carefully at the URL and always visiting HTTPS sites.
  • Windows 10 is the latest release of Microsoft’s venerable operating system and is a member of the Windows NT family of operating systems.
  • So, effectively, you can try this for free for 30 days, and if you don't like it you can easily cancel and walk away without having spent a dime.

5 Best VPNs to Unblock Netflix in 2020

Many subscription-based services offer non-logging guarantees, whereas free VPNs may be less likely to do so. Can expressvpn be traced?, tunnelBear offers email support and says it aims to respond within two days, but we received an answer to an inquiry in under 12 hours and outside of business hours. ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and an automatic kill switch. An IP address identifies your ISP and possibly even your location, including country, region, city and even GPS coordinates. They both have proper facilities to involve new IP addresses in case of blocking the active ones. With over 700 servers worldwide and the ability to pick the one you want based on ping, VyprVPN offers more choice than some of its competitors. If you are interested in an added level of protection, there are intriguing gadgets called Tiny Hardware Firewalls. We also like that PIA's 'Detect Best Server' function takes the guesswork out of things for you, by suggesting which of its 50+ locations you should adopt at any given time.

But, if your company is cloud-based, and you're connecting to SaaS applications like Salesforce or Google, you should probably use a VPN service, since you're not actually connecting to your company but instead to a public cloud application. There is a wide range of privacy features under NordVPN’s belt. In this guide, we take a look at the best VPN service providers in 2020.

And for that you get the finest VPN in the world, without any security concerns, with 24/7 customer support, guaranteed access to Netflix US, almost constant uptime and a 30-day money back guarantee (no questions asked) if you change your mind.

Truly Unlimited

We check the VPNs privacy policy and ensure that it is located in a jurisdiction that will allow it to keep your data secure. Such requirements satisfy NordVPN and ExpressVPN. The support you get with ExpressVPN is also noteworthy. Particularly worrying is the fact that in some countries ISPs are forced to log customer traffic data, while in other nations ISPs are legally allowed to sell web browsing data to advertising companies.

In the same vein, VPN software lets you use the web and Wi-Fi with confidence that your information will remain secure. How does a VPN for Windows work? Depending on your local laws and regulations, that could make you responsible for the activities of other users. All the VPNs in this guide have custom VPN apps for Windows 10. On top of that, you can also torrent safely with their P2P features. The VPN app for Windows offers 400+ VPN servers from more than 70 location. VPNs always have something to do with your internet connection but only the best VPN for PC free download won’t slow down your connection.

What is a site-to-site VPN? ExpressVPN offers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee so you can try its service out risk-free. Why choose the free VPN download from Avira? TorGuard VPN is the best bet for BitTorrent seeders and leechers looking to secure their web traffic. That's important, because in our 2020 survey, 45 percent of respondents said that speed was the most important factor. NordVPN also does well in the area of customer support. A convenient bonus is the ability to control the VPN from browser extensions, and a special mention goes to the split tunneling feature, which is great for torrenting or restricting the VPN connection to a single browser. The fact that it doesn’t leak your IP address renders an excellent choice for anonymous torrenting.

Why Use KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for Windows

That said, I have had good nights and bad nights getting online. The more data your provider stores about you, the easier it is for your government to track you down. We like that the company offers a connection kill switch feature and, for those who need it, there's an option to get a dedicated IP address. A virtual private network (VPN) is software that runs on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS to protect your online privacy and access blocked websites. It has a very quick and instant installation process with a user-friendly interface which in turn increases customer satisfaction. This is especially handy for travelers and for those using public Wi-Fi networks, such as web surfers at hotels, airports, and coffee shops. There are also thorough setup and troubleshooting guides for each platform on ExpressVPN’s website. Therefore, it is essential to use the best Windows 10 VPN and take better control of your own privacy.

The most popular types of VPNs are remote-access VPNs and site-to-site VPNs. Once you select a provider, getting set up to use your VPN service can be easy. Make sure your web browsing experience is a secure one. With it, you can manage blocklists, which group similar items together. That public Wi-Fi service is likely to range in performance somewhere between "meh" and unusable. Improving on some of the competition, Private Internet Access lets you stay secure on up to 10 devices at any one time.

And what's the best overall VPN?

83/month FastestVPN has a consistently increasing subscriber count, and we understand why. IPVanish offers a true no-logs policy, but its US headquarters may still worry some people. If you’re looking for a solid VPN for PC that unblocks internet even in restrictive countries like China and Iran – get VyprVPN. Surfshark comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But the thing is, if you carefully read their privacy policy, you’ll notice that they don’t put their client’s privacy in their highest priority.

Avoid ISP surveillance on your browsing activities

However, we recommend that you use paid VPN services if you desire greater security and better transfer speeds and you can start by testing out some of the freemium services listed above. TorGuard also fully supports VPN routers like DDWRT, Tomato, as well as pfsense firewalls. Its overall capabilities are fairly top for Windows 10 users. BEST BUDGET VPN: In other words, what kind of data is a service collecting about you and your VPN activity, and how long is that data saved?

The VPN is available for $3. All of the VPN services we've reviewed use the AES-256 encryption standard, which would take a well-equipped hacker with a powerful computer many years to crack. On the same note, a VPN will protect your identity if you decide to download files through torrenting. Most laptops run Windows, and if you are not sure, then chances are that yours does too. If you’re still looking for more features, Tunnelbear has a feature called ‘GhostBear’ as well which basically tries to hide the fact that you’re using a VPN from ISPs and governments.


We have checked them for IP leaks, DNS leaks, and WebRTC leaks that could ruin your privacy. We really like this VPN, and can recommend testing it with its 30-day money back guarantee. It has many rich features for the user’s requirement and has accomplished a good image as a VPN in the market by showcasing the quality. It might be annoying, but I'm not doing anything I want to hide.

We looked for Windows VPNs that use OpenVPN protocol as standard.

Online Privacy And Security Trusted By Millions

Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. There aren’t even any ads on the website, let alone the client. Install the provider’s Windows app.

They unfortunately limit users to three devices, but do support many platforms so you can run it on both desktop and mobile devices.

Can I sign up completely anonymously? With over 3,000 servers located in 94 countries around the globe, ExpressVPN provides optimal access to geo-blocked content nearly anywhere in the world. My theory is that many of the guests were watching Netflix at that time, completely clogging the hotels' pipes. Another government move definitely has motivated some VPN adoption however, and that, specifically, is the death of Obama-era Net Neutrality rules. We gave extra points in our VPN directory to those vendors who allowed three or more connections. Speed is arguably the most crucial factor you should consider when picking a VPN service.

Furthermore, users should have the freedom to customize the kill switch. It has the most server locations of all five VPNs we tested, too. Third-party VPN services almost always support OpenVPN, and occasionally also more advanced protocols like WireGuard.

Software that should be at the top of your list is a Windows 10 home VPN.

What does it mean when a VPN service talks about server switching?

If you're using a service to route all your internet traffic through its servers, you have to be able to trust the provider. This allows free torrenting, download of SOCKSS5 web proxy, and up to five simultaneous connections which are very useful. We like that the dedicated Windows app enables changing servers without manually closing the current connection, improving ease of use. If you're on a phone it can use your 4G and WiFi connections at the same time to do the same time - to maximise throughput of data, improving download speeds and render times. What follows are the results from our VPN testing. Free users are limited to three server locations, and port forwarding is not available (useful for torrenting). How can it help people from all walks of life? People who live in countries facing internet censorship need VPN technology.

Some privacy tweaks in the OS itself and the use of a VPN can cloak your online activities to a greater extent than the default configuration allows in Windows.

Best Free VPN Services for Privacy and Unrestricted Internet Experience

Therefore, when users connect their computers or any digital device to the specified VPN, the system behaves just as both system and VPN are on the same local network. The only restriction with the free plan is that you are limited to 500MB of traffic each month. That's not to ignore Apple users.

So, you should always make sure you get an antivirus and the best VPN for PC free download. © 2020 keepsolid inc. all rights reserved., @Nicekiwi turns out the @Microsoft #Feedback app built into @windows 10 doesn't work with the systems #proxy settings. 88 a month on a 2-year plan. Windscribe masks your IP address. Starting price: Windscribe's free VPN actually offers 20x as much free data as TunnelBear above, so if you're planning on staying connected at all times or streaming video/music through the VPN, this one will get you most of the way there.

It's also, as the name implies, open source, meaning it benefits from many developers' eyes looking for potential problems. Why do I need a VPN for Windows? It also supports routers and media players (but not Linux). This gives you unrestricted and private access to entertainment, news sites, and blocked content. While we applaud the combination of VPN and antivirus in one package, Webroot has had a troubled few years. The best VPN service will not rely on other DNS servers. Some VPNs can have DNS or other leaks that give clues to your identity, so we use IPleak.

A VPN to access worldwide content

ProtonVPN doesn't have as many servers as much of the competition, but it has a lot more to offer than many of the bigger players. Check out ExpressVPN! NordVPN is P2P-friendly and has a ‘zero logs’ policy. With this app, you will get fast and unlimited access to all websites online. That could cut off the revenue that keeps websites alive, and that could have very serious repercussions. We've tested and retested dozens of them and assessed their ability to keep your online activity safe and anonymous without you having to spend a cent. Restrictions vary, as do penalties. PrivateVPN calls itself “The Fastest Growing VPN Worldwide,” but it still has a bit of growing to do.

Windscribe have a free version which provides 8 server locations. CyberGhost’s premium tier stores no identifying logs and protects your data in transit with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption on the OpenVPN protocol. This is when the VPN uses a gateway device to connect to the entire network in one location to a network in another location. On top of that, all traffic that goes through the servers of IPVanish is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, which is also used by the National Security Agency for top secret information. All premium accounts come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The VPN may be able to protect your original IP address from being seen, but there are characteristics of proxy communications (like a slightly longer time to transfer packets) that can be used to identify users who are trying to bypass watching restrictions.

Most good VPN services offer both iOS and Android clients. VPN protection jumps to $60 and the bundle jumps to $120. It has 1,040+ servers in over 61 countries. If you stick to the free VPN for laptop Windows 10 that I recommend, you’ll definitely be safe. VPN speed was a key consideration when ranking the best VPN services for Netflix.

Hola VPN

VPNArea is heavily geared toward gaming, streaming, and torrenting, so expect consistently fast speeds and smooth performance. But on the bright side, P2P file sharing activity is allowed on all servers. How to unblock and use betway outside of the uk and ireland? This includes P2P support, a kill switch and generally good performance. This will let you compare all our recommended VPNs before settling on your favorite! Our VPN for Windows runs so fast, you won't even notice it's there.


They save user data and sell them to interested parties, especially to those in the marketing industry. As these organizations have large resource strength and finance they always opt for enterprise edition will have each and every feature present in it due to safety and security for user's data. Unless your ISP is throttling your connections, a VPN will not be able to speed up your internet. NordVPN can unblock Netflix. Do share with us in the comments section below.

If you download any file, Ivacy VPN automatically scans it for malware. It's a premium VPN service but still keeps cost low! You connect to a VPN server, which can be located in the United States or a foreign country—say, France or Japan. It believes in the motto of two connections are better than one. There are better, more private options.

Even if a VPN advertises DNS leak protection, websites like Hulu and Netflix can sometimes still force a request to leak out over the IPv6 protocol.

Blazing VPN Speeds

Currently, there are three VPN providers which satisfy all the requirements: You can read a full review of Cyberghost here. In my own tests of Private Internet Access, I found it to be consistently blocked with US Netflix. That's because Apple requires additional vetting if a company wants to include OpenVPN with its app. In that situation, if you must connect back to applications and services at home, using a VPN is quite literally the least you can do. Anonymous torrenting is also pretty easy to achieve with ExpressVPN.

That means for many people having it always-on will leave you caught short well before the end of the month, and absolutely rules out using it to stream endless episodes of Rick and Morty on Netflix. You’ll follow the instructions from the provider to download the software and set up your account. Fill in all of the other information mentioned above accordingly. Check out its customer reviews here. By using a trusted Windows VPN, you’ll be able to hide your IP address and conceal your web activity from snoopers. The provider’s connections are protected by military-grade encryption, kill switch protection, and the ability to block ads and malware. Torrenting is allowed, and kill switches prevent data leaks on both mobile and desktop apps. A VPN typically runs in the background of your Windows PC, so you can connect to it and then browse as usual.

VPN VPNArea Based in Bulgaria Logs No logs Price $2. Using a VPN will prevent most kinds of DNS attacks that would redirect you to a phishing page, but a regular old page made to look like a legit one in order to trick you into entering your data can still work. What you used to only be accessible from home is no accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to a Virtual Private Networking. Instead, you will have to configure the servers manually, which can be accomplished easily using the instruction videos available on the official website. 44 per month See Details 4.

Go Online Without A Trace.

The firm has a strong network with a good selection of protocols supported. Torrents get a bad rap, and if we’re honest, that’s for good reason. And your IP address is spoofed. While some of the servers are available for free, some others can be unlocked through donations starting at $2.

Torrenting – Availability of P2P-optimized servers that supports torrenting with IP leak protection. 60+ | IP addresses: It also offers antimalware, ad-blocking and tracker-blocking as part of its software. If your main concern is price, then go with something inexpensive, or free -- like Spotflux Premium VPN or AnchorFree HotSpot Shield Elite. Will a VPN service help me connect securely to my office network? Overall, Hotspot Shield is a great choice for novice users and those who use VPN occasionally and don’t want to commit to a paid subscription. TunnelBear comes with servers in more than 20 countries and offers up to five connections at the same time, which is pretty good, all things considered. Choose the Windows option in the VPN provider.

Customer support.


While surfing, you leave traces and companies track your activities for targeted advertising or to collect and sell information about you. While you're connected to a VPN, all your network traffic passes through this protected tunnel, and no one—not even your ISP—can see your traffic until it exits the tunnel from the VPN server and enters the public internet. In 2020, the company was acquired by backup firm Carbonite.


However, you can invite your friends and get rewarded every time someone uses your referral link to get a paid subscription to Hide. And if you're on vacation in the UK and want to access your usual US Netflix or Disney Plus content - that's easy too. It offers complete unlimited facilities including multiple protocols for encryption and uses chameleon technology to defeat VPN blocking. Windscribe's network performance wasn’t quite as impressive, however. The free version is the best we've tested, and paid subscriptions are affordable as well. For example, a VPN can't protect you against a website setting a tracking cookie that will tell other websites about you. And, some have extra features such as obfuscation (cloaking), port selection, a choice of protocols, auto-connect, double hope encryption, and even VPN into Tor!

Our speed tests stress comparison and reproducibility.

TV in England. The cheapest option works out at just $1. Our recommendations provide a taster service that is limited in certain ways; so that users can access a VPN in an emergency - or to try out the VPN risk free. With that said, since Windows doesn’t run a VPN server network, you would likely have to pay for a VPN server somewhere around the world. You can get its dedicated apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, FireTV, and more. Click on Set Up a ‘VPN Connection’ button in the search results.

VPNHub can be used to view age-restricted content on platforms like Netflix, and it supports encryption over the tunneling protocol. 67/month Supports: What's the best way to choose a VPN service? For most people that should be regarded as a pro, as it means there's nothing to faff around with if you just want to get connected quickly. Resources, finally, click connect to one of the VPN servers to enable the VPN using Tunnelblick. In our survey of 3,000 US consumers conducted between September 23 and 26, 2020, more than half of respondents (52 percent) said they do or would need a VPN for security purposes. Yes; dedicated profile and servers Also works with : Because VPN connections are encrypted, it’s impossible for outsiders, including ISPs, to snoop on you. As if that were not enough it has built in adblocker and firewall to offer a smooth experience.

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Or check our list of the fastest VPN services in 2020. A VPN connection takes the responsibility to provide a secure connection to the company's network and the internet, For Example, if you’re working from a tea shop or any public place. Once you connect to the VPN server, everything you do is within that “tunnel” and is encrypted. NordVPN is the best VPN for windows due it's easy to use software, fantastic security features, and consistent fast servers. Betternet’s unlimited VPN for Windows allows you to get started as soon as you download the app.

After all, the more widely-adopted an OS is, the more attention it attracts from nefarious actors because the cost of an exploit kit is cheap and its ROI is high.

Further, free users can only choose among the Netherlands, the US, and the UK as their preferred faux locations, which means privacy might be avante-garde. UDP, TCP and Stealth via Stunnel. Simple to use, it offers an extra 500MB every month if you tweet about them. It has acceptance to kill switch, cryptocurrency, Tor over VPN. Should you select a free VPN for Windows? So how much speed do you need with your VPN to stream Netflix? ProtonVPN is probably the youngest in this list of best free vpn for Windows and definitely deserves a place in the list of top 10 because of the experts from their team who have focused all their efforts towards cyber security. So if you’re interested in the benefits of a VPN, on this page we have compiled our top 10 services to help you find the best VPN for you.

Select a VPN that is reliable and read the reviews to make sure that it's capable of protecting you by providing you with sufficient online privacy. A free trial is also provided for the users for one month. It also hides the real IP address so that no one will know your identity on the internet. There are many complex ways to test this feature. CyberGhost VPN three-year plan:

It provides you with default IP of UK, and there is a list of regions you can select from the list available when you right-click the Tray icon of Globus Free VPN agent.


If you make sure to only connect to websites secured with HTTPS, your data will continue to be encrypted even after it leaves the VPN. For many users that layer is a reliable VPN software. CyberGhost offers swift connections, delivering more than enough power to deliver smooth HD and 4K streaming, fast downloads and more.

In fact, most VPN providers offer different services (and sometimes, different servers) for their mobile offerings than they do for their desktop counterparts.

Do you think any other service qualifies to be listed among the best free VPN services? That’s right, you CAN download VPN for PC from the list above for free. Another marquee feature of VPNs is anonymous web browsing, yet only the most Big Brother–conscious 6 percent of respondents said they need a VPN to avoid government surveillance. You can play games without worry since it’s also on Xbox and PlayStation. SecurityKISS offers 300MB data limit each day. As a result, they usually provide fewer servers locations, monthly download limits, and connection speed restrictions. This is often the most complete review, covering several different platforms as well as the service's features and pricing in depth. NordVPN runs a strict no-logs policy, ensuring full anonymity.

If you’re okay with a US-based provider, you should be able to appreciate the virtues of Hotspot Shield, which include OpenVPN, and AES-256 encryption.

  • So, this is one of the best VPN apps you can have on your Windows computer.
  • The company follows a strict no-log policy — it doesn’t exploit user data.
  • Even if you don’t do anything which may be considered illegal such invasion of privacy (or even the possibility of such invasion) is not acceptable.
  • All internet content is completely encrypted - securely jumbled so no one could read it even if they intercepted it - between the VPN server and your device.
  • Get ready to access the full catalogs of the likes of Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime and watch whatever you want, wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Try these best VPN for PC to keep your online identity safe in year 2020. So when you use the Internet, the VPN connection makes it seem like you’re browsing from these areas. At the same time, the client looks polished and offers advanced customization, which is exactly what counts if you’re looking for a flexible solution. We tested to see if NordVPN can unblock Netflix, and found that it works with Netflix US and most other regions. 68 per month See Details 5. VyprVPN has dedicated apps for all common operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS. So who is Webroot's VPN for? Over on ZDNet's sister site, CNET, I've put together an always up-to-date directory of quality VPN providers.

Amplify the Entire Internet. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft gave this OS away pretty much for free. NordVPN is our top VPN for Windows devices. A secure VPN with unique features and a wide range of server locations. It has a wide range of network servers all over the globe, hence connectivity is really good and also efficient to block malware attacks from malicious sites.

No user data appears to have been compromised in the attacks. The VPN service offers its users three types of connection modes, i. One of the most important issues in understanding the limits of VPNs is understanding where the endpoint of the VPN server resides. VPN providers are in for the money and running such a business does cost a lot especially if it is a popular one. The paid version is slightly expensive for individual users. Many people who try to access Netflix through a VPN or proxy service will run into the message below about an “unblocker or proxy” being used. This is a bug in enterprise-level VPN systems used by corporations, so it's very serious, indeed. Not to mention, the way some of the providers monetise is to turn you into a product they sell on to other parties.

The best free VPN for 2020:

It's clear that the goose is an ideal mascot for a service that's meant to guard your digital communications. Free VPN services based offshore are almost always a lot less sophisticated than paid ones, and that means using a free service to try and access US Netflix with a VPN and the like can be an extremely frustrating experience. The best vpn routers for gaming, business, and personal use. Plus, torrenting is not really possible using it, and neither is unblocking some of the major streaming platforms. It actually depends on the one who runs the server.

Every VPN on this list has met our strict criteria for selecting the best VPNs. While VPN - virtual private networks - are not the panacea to being safe, secure and private on the internet, it is an essential component of the arsenal for individuals inclined to seek these liberties. If you find the service unreliable, slow, or unintuitive to use, go with something else. It does this by heavily encrypting the data that travels between your device and the VPN server in a secure tunnel. When something is free, then you are the product. While not always guaranteed, you’ll have a better chance of unblocking the sites with a premium VPN service that offers dedicated IPs and actively replaces blacklisted IPs. To fight censorship, to watch streaming TV and to download torrents and Peer to Peer.

Our VPN client protects and empowers you in the connected world by encrypting all data and hiding your online footsteps. Ivacy VPN Buy here Get Ivacy Here! No product key is required, and the digital license says you're activated and ready to go. Another great aspect of NordVPN is that it is fast and reliable, as you can see with the test results in the NordVPN review.

How to choose a free VPN: 5 must-ask questions

These bandwidth-stealing practices expose the end user to all kinds of problems and dangers. The best thing about Surfshark VPN is that it eliminates ads, trackers, malware and phishing attempts by masking your IP Address. Admittedly, this is an exotic attack, but it's far from impossible. With a strong encryption in place, hide. It works well with various Netflix regions including the US, Canada, and Australia. ExpressVPN is an excellent all-round service. So, if you’re looking for some great VPN services to check out, here are the 10 best free VPN services you can use.

A free VPN may be more likely than a subscription-based VPN to restrict amount of data usage, limit connection speeds, restrict number of simultaneous device use or have only a few server locations available. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan in future, you can also make use of the Secure Core feature which routes your network traffic through multiple servers within the ProtonVPN network to ensure that even if an attacker manages to monitor your traffic at the exit server, they won’t be able to find your true IP address, or match any browsing activity to your IP address. The user interface can be improved as some features are clumsy in the application. CyberGhost offers an incredibly secure VPN, with unique features you won't find in another VPN. If you do want to give this VPN a go, you're covered by a seven-day money-back guarantee. The other major benefit you get with ExpressVPN is that they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee with all plans. It also stops your ISP and the government from collecting your communications metadata.